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European Sportsbook Of The Year 2008!
For the second time in three years, Unibet has once again been voted European Sports-Betting Operator of the year at the prestigious eGaming annual awards ceremony. Voted by their loyal Unibet customers who have helped Unibet maintain their position as one of the industry’s leading gaming operators!

How to place a bet
Placing bets at Unibet is fast and easy – especially once you understand how your bet slip works. Step by step instructions on how to place a bet.

To place a bet. Simply click on one of the odds from the event/odds list. Your bet appears on a bet slip, with event details, odds and a field where you enter your stake.

To add more bets. Simply keep clicking events in the odds list. They'll automatically be added to the betslip.

To remove bets. Click on the waste bin beside the stake field.

Combinations. The different combination bets that can be made from your single bets automatically appear below the single events you've chosen. If you've chosen any Bankers, only combinations containing those Bankers are listed.

Includes & Bankers. Select your Bankers (the events you're certain you are going to win on and want to include in every combination). This is also where you choose your Includes (events you want added to separate combinations).

The odds list is the complete Unibet sports and event betting offering. It can be customised to list your favourite sports and events in any order you like. The same list can also be used for your mobile if you have a mobile betting account.

UK United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, France, Greece.

Restricted Countries :
Russia, US.

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