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Virtual City Casino - fast secure gaming from the safety and security of your own home. You're in total control. No pressure from dealers or other players. You can even walk away in the middle of a hand and come back when you're ready. This is sophisticated gaming At last technology working for you. Smooth, fast, efficient but most of all exciting. virtualcitycasino

Free Welcome Bonus just for downloading the software. Additional Bonus to you if you make a deposit of $100 to start your good luck. USA, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark and rest of the world. virtualcity casino

Virtual City Casino uses the most secure and technically advanced gaming software of Microgaming Systems. They are a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and they fully support and operate under its code of conduct which guarantees players rights to a fair and honest transaction. Virtual City operates a 24 hour, 7 days per week call center to answer any queries that may occur. The casino software uses 128-Bit encryption when data is transferred over the Internet. Each player is issued with a unique account number and players choose their own password, which they alone can access. The CashCheck and PlayCheck facilities allow players to review all of their game plays and banking transactions. They also recognize and are constantly monitoring their games to identify problem and underage gambling. They can set betting limits for specific gamblers.

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24/7 Support Center
Virtual City Casino maintains a 24 hour 7 days per week call center to handle all email and telephone queries.


CANADA: 1 866 312 7466
UK: 0800 917 1545
DENMARK: +8088 4574
GERMANY: 0800 182 0567
ITALY: 800 871 068
REST OF WORLD: 1 888 942 7466

Just use the free phone service by emailing them with your full telephone number and they'll call you straight back.

Russia, Bangladesh, India, China, UK United Kingdom, Argentina, Indonesia, Ukraine, Egypt.


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