Amanda Musumeci Professional Poker & Pro Online Poker Player

Name : Amanda Musumeci - Team Bodog Pro

Quick Facts

Birthdate: October 4, 1984, Philadelphia, PA

Home: Las Vegas, United States

Education: Kutztown University - Speech Mass Communications Major

Occupation: Professional poker & online poker player

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Online Poker UK

Amanda Musumeci enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, cooking, dancing, and shooting pool. Currently, she plays poker mostly online, but is planning to work in as many live events as possible.

Claim to Fame: Befriended female poker pro Anna Wroblewski at the Aussie Millions & now share a condo owned by Anna's friend, poker pro Barry Greenstein.

In life and in online poker, it's important to make every choice with clear intentions.

Team Bodog Pro Amanda Musumeci is living proof that not all online poker players are geeky, pimply, friendless losers. In fact, she will be the first to tell you - to your face, thank you very much – that a lot of the skilled online players are attractive, aggressive, extroverted, social beings. So there.

The 25-year-old Philadelphia, PA native lives in Las Vegas and tries to spend as much time enjoying the great outdoors as she possibly can. From hiking to camping to rock climbing to paragliding, Amanda is the new poster girl for today's poker player for the simple fact that she is a) not some pasty-faced agoraphobic lonely girl whose entire world exists in cyberspace, and b) successful.

Playing under the alias, "BodogMander," Manda (as she prefers to be called) credits Bodog's online poker room for providing her with an atmosphere most conducive to learning, allowing her to “blossom” into the kickass player that she is today. In two years, Manda went from playing in Bodog Poker's sit-n-go tournaments, to winning numerous guaranteed tournaments and bigger multi-table tournaments.

These days she splits her time between playing poker at any number of casinos on The Strip and at her favorite online poker room (Bodog, of course). Amanda believes that there are probably quite a few girls out there who, for whatever reason, are reluctant to take their game online.

She says that there are more female players at land-based poker rooms than there are at online poker rooms. And she'd very much like to change that. Male or female, new players need to know that Bodog is a safe place to get your game started, she says.

"For the newcomer into the world of online poker, I recommend starting on a smaller site and trying to stay away from some of the bigger sites. Considering the large field sizes at some of these bigger poker rooms, it makes the average tourney an absolute mine-field, especially for a beginning-level player. I can personally say that Bodog why I started, and having the smaller field sizes makes winning, networking and socializing much more accessible and manageable."

Another pearl of wisdom from the young Team Bodog Pro, "In life and in online poker, it's important to make every choice with clear intentions."



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