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Fantasy WSOP
Win a free seat at the 2013 Main Event
Get in on the action of the 2013 World Series of Poker* by participating in Full Tilt Poker’s Fantasy WSOP competition. Create a team of your favorite poker pros and win prizes based on how your team performs at this year’s Series, including a free seat at the 2011 Main Event!

Create the perfect team
The 2013 World Series of Poker kicks off on May 28th. If you can’t make it to Vegas, fantasy poker is the perfect way to join the action. Create your 15-player team from a roster of more than 300 top-tier professionals, and then guide your team to victory throughout the Series.

How to participate
Download the free game software and set up an account. Then, follow these steps to participate in 2010 Fantasy WSOP competition:

Open the Full Tilt Poker game software.
Click on the red Cashier button in the game lobby.
Click on the My Promotions button in the Cashier.
Click on the Fantasy WSOP link; this will take you to your personal Fantasy WSOP webpage.

Follow the instructions on this page to create your fantasy team.
Once your team is set, follow your players throughout the Series and see if you’ve won any prizes, including a free seat at the 2011 Main Event. You can also check out how your team stacks up against the pros’ picks – go to the VIP section to compare your picks with those of Team Full Tilt and other Full Tilt Poker pros.




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