PlaySpace Multiplayer Social Games Bingo Chinchon Ludo Luno Restaurant Slots The Goose Free Coins Review

PlaySpace Bingo
Bingo PlaySpace: 90 Balls, tickets without stopping and many prizes beating your friends. Refine your throat and sing prizes as you ever did before!

BIngo EN 300x250

PlaySpace Chinchon
Chinchon PlaySpace: combine your 7 cards in sets of stairs in the same suit or in groups of 3 or more cards and beat your friends. Want to join?


PlaySpace Domino
Domino PlaySpace: place your pieces linking the numbers and beat everybody! Do you dare?


PlaySpace Ludo
Ludo PlaySpace: Put all the pieces of your color before your friends do so. Beat them all! Do you dare?

PlaySpace Ludo

PlaySpace Luno
Luno PlaySpace: reverse! Draw2! Last one ! Stay without any cards and win all your friends! Will you be able to be the first one?

PlaySpace Luno

PlaySpace Restaurant Slots
RestaurantSlots: Become the best chef and show them to everyone who is the boss. Will you join the funniest kitchen ever?

Slots EN 110x80 version10

PlaySpace The Goose
The game of the Goose PlaySpace: advance the 63 boxes that will lead you to victory and defeat your opponents. Will you be the first one to reach the goal?

Play Space SP Oca

Players can play exciting multiplayer games. As the fastest growing provider of social and mobile multi-player games for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking players, PlaySpace currently offers 7 multi-player games on all platforms including web, iOS, desktop, Facebook and Android, among many others.

The fact that PlaySpace's games are multi-platform and multi-player makes them more engaging, allowing users to play popular and recognizable games (including social board games, social traditional card games, social casino games, social bingo and social slots) against their friends.

With several free welcome coins package, as well as other discounts packs and periodic promotions, there are also plenty of exciting prizes and promotions.

US United States, Spain, Canada, Israel.





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