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Football Pools

Football Pools

The Football Pools (previously Littlewoods Pools) is part of the UK's oldest and most recognised pools company, running for 85 years and creating over 60 million winners. There is over £3 million to be won each week from stakes as little as £1 playing the great range of Football Pools games, including Classic Pools, Head to Head, Premier 10, Soccer 4, Super 6 and Spot the Ball.

The Football Pools is an official licensee of the Premier League and official partner to the Scottish Premier League. Pools games.

Choosing a game
To choose a football betting game, click 'Play Now' on the navigation on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you know the type of football betting game you want to play, such as Premier 10 or Super 6, click 'All Games' to reveal the choices available to you. Click on the type of football betting game you want to play and all the coupons available for you to bet online will appear in the main area of the screen.

Alternatively, you may be more interested to bet online in football betting games that relate to a specific football competition such as:

Premier League Betting, Champions League Betting, Championship Betting, Internationals Betting.

If so, click the name of your preferred football betting competition, to expand that part of the navigation, and then click 'All Games' to reveal all the football betting coupons available for you to bet online.

Whichever way you use the navigation on the left-hand side, the football betting coupons you can bet on will be revealed in the main area of the screen for you to bet online.

Get to know your football betting coupon. All the essential football betting game information is displayed on each coupon. This includes the minimum stake, estimated jackpot and how long you have left to play that game.

You can also find more detailed help on how to bet online and play a specific football betting game directly on the coupon - just click on the 'How to Play' tab and all your football betting questions will be answered. You'll find a 'How to play' tab on every sports betting coupon on the Football Pools website to help you bet online.

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