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Football Bingo

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Simply get 4 corners to win. Football Bingo is a match day app competition where players choose eight teams on their mobile phone, which they think will score a goal from a day's fixture list, with a further seven teams awarded at random. If all 15 teams score, your bingo ticket turns green and you win a cash prize, with the fastest winning ticket also claiming the daily bonus pot to boot. The app is free to download from the app stores, and registration is simple.

Football Bingo is a match day app competition, where players can win cash prizes as live goals go in on match days. Your bingo tickets updates on the app as the action unfolds. Football Bingo is a football betting game for football fans, bingo fans and betting fans. Its new exciting and different. The easiest way to win is to get 4 corners on any of your bingo tickets. Get 4 corners and double your money. Complete your card and win 10x your money back, and complete in under 21 minutes and win over £62k.

Product Features
Quick Online registration
Occasional free bet promos
Easy win experience with 4 corners (double your money)
Players can support their favourite club, as 10% of profits generated go to their choice of club.
Backed by Chris Waddle ex England Footballer
Android & Apple App downloads available

New to Football Buster? How to win
Their product Football Bingo has teamed up with Chris Waddle to bring you these fantastic ways to play. A ticket can cost as little as £2:

4 Corners scored
4 corners - if the teams in the corners of your ticket score, they pay double.

Completed Ticket - Send all 15 squares green on your ticket and they pay 10 times your stake
Fastest Completed Ticket - Complete your ticket in the fastest time, and you win the daily bonus pot in addition.
Jackpot - Complete your ticket in under 21 minutes and scoop over £62,000
And there's more - in addition at least 10% of profits raised from FootballBingo go to the club you choose on registration.

Football Bingo - this simple to play game requires you to choose 8 teams using skill and 7 teams are awarded to you at random when you choose the bingo numbered balls.

Completed Ticket
The aim is to complete your bingo ticket by choosing teams that score a goal, in the live fixtures on that date. If all your teams score a goal, their system will update your card and mark it as complete.

In completing your bingo card, you'll receive a multiple of the fee you entered from the bingo pool. You will also be eligible to win the days bonus pot displayed on the date bar. The fastest completed tickets (lowest last goal time) are eligible for the bonus pot. If you complete your ticket in under 21 minutes you will scoop the MEGA pot prize too.

Daily Bonus Pots
Player (s) with the fastest completed bingo ticket, (that is to say, the last goal scored on the ticket represents the time the card was completed) scoops the bonus pot prize. The time the card is completed will be clearly stated at the top of the card, if all 15 teams score.

For example if your teams all score a goal and they score goals in these minutes of their respective matches 2,4,6,8,18,24,27,29,34,37,42,45,48,49,52 - your card would have been completed in the 52nd minute.

Gambling Licence & Payments via cards Photo by John Diehe We are regulated by The Gambling Commission. Licence number - 000-030517-R-312244-001. They are a limited company. Where payments are made into your account - "Football Buster – will be displayed on your bank or card statement for all transactions processed through this website".

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