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The Devil's Roulette System: the Only Real Strategy to Win Money Playing Roulette
Paperback by Arthur Conrad (Author) 12/04/2019

Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump
Hardcover by Michael Isikoff (Author), David Corn (Author) 3/13/2018

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It's in the Book: Winning Ways - How to Beat the Casinos
Paperback by Richard De La Torre (Author) 3/11/2017

How To Play Roulette: The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Strategy, Rules and Roulette Systems for Greater Winnings
Paperback by David Sanders (Author) 1/12/2017

The Basics of Winning Roulette
Paperback by J. Edward Allen (Author) 3/24/2015

Online Roulette: The Winning Rules
Paperback by Mr Peter G Preston (Author) 8/06/2014

Roulette Renegade: How to Clean the Casino & Make a Living with Simple Proven Gambling Strategies
Paperback by Brad Jensen (Author) 5/25/2014

Fly Me To The Moon-Visual Roulette System.: 30 Years Worth of Experience In Your Hands
[Kindle Edition] Roulette Dealer (Author) 5/05/2014

Roulette Junkie - How To Win at Roulette and other Money Making Roulette Strategies!: The refreshingly honest roulette strategy guide
[Kindle Edition] Curtis Brown (Editor) 2/10/2014

American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down---My Wild Twenty-Five-Year Ride Ripping Off the World's Casinos (Thomas Dunne Books)
[Kindle Edition] Richard Marcus (Author) 9/10/2013

How to win at Roulette & Beat the Casino:Simple Proven Roulette Strategy : How to Win Thousands
[Kindle Edition] Jonny Valentini (Author) 8/31/2013

Roulette Strategies that Work & Beat the House Advantage
[Kindle Edition] Jim Rosenbaum (Author) 8/10/2013

Ace Roulette - A flat betting strategy (TeamRoulette Series Book 2)
Kindle Edition by Harrison Walker (Author) 11/15/2012

Roulette Rockstar: Want To Win At Roulette? This Simple Roulette Strategy Helped An Unemployed Man Win Thousands! Forget Roulette Tips You've Heard Before. Learn How To Play Roulette and Win!
[Kindle Edition] Anonymous (Author) 1/02/2012

Thirteen Against the Bank: The True Story of How a Roulette Team Broke the Bank with an Unbeatable System
(Paperback) by Norman Leigh (Author) 3/07

The European Roulette Book: Innovative Strategies for the Single Zero Roulette Wheel
(Paperback) by Kimo Li (Author) 1/07

The Roulette Formula: How to Predict the Exact Number
(Paperback) by Kimo Li (Author) 12/05

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Roulette Cash Cow
Play the roulette table like a wizard instead of thinking you have a crystal ball and drop chips on all the numbers.

Fly Me to the Moon :Visual Roulette Prediction :MiNi by ACI LLC
Have you ever watched a roulette table with so many players betting tons of money and covering all table layout but leaving only 1 number empty and ironically that number comes up and guess what? Nobody wins! The Casino is the only winner.




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