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The Devil's Gambling Systems: the Real Strategies of Beating the Casino by Breaking Blackjack, Defying Roulette and Aceing Baccarat
Paperback Large Print by Arthur Conrad (Author) 1/06/2020

The 21st-Century Card Counter: The Pros' Approach to Beating Blackjack
Paperback by Colin Jones (Author) 9/24/2019

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Blackjack Insiders: How Two Pit Bosses Beat the Casinos at Their Own Game
Paperback by Andrew Uyal (Author) 7/02/2019

Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way 3rd Edition
by Don Schlesinger (Author) 10/09/2018

HOW TO COUNT CARDS AT BLACKJACK: Learn the Easiest Optimum Card Counting and Camouflage Strategies to Produce Greater Profits (Gamblers Express)
by M. Mitch Freeland (Author) 9/15/2018

Ace the Tables: How to Gain the Advantage In Blackjack
Paperback by Jim E Noble (Author), Jerry B Noble (Author) 6/13/2018

How to Play Blackjack: Best Beginner's Guide to Learning the Basics of the Blackjack Game! Rules, Odds, Winner Strategies and a Whole Lot More...
Paperback by Kevin Gerard (Author) 2/01/2018

Winning Blackjack For The Average Joe: Double Deck Training Manual 1st Edition
by Mr. Jeffery A. Oxley (Author) 10/31/2017

Blackjack Strategy Card - Large Edition: 4/6/8 Decks, Dealer Stands on All 17s Cards
by Kenneth R Smith (Author) 9/17/2017

Blackjack Bluebook II: The Simplest Winning Strategies Ever Published, Current Updates & Strategy
Paperback by Fred Renzey (Author, Editor, Illustrator) 7/01/2017

Blackjack for Blood: The Card-Counters' Bible and Complete Winning Guide
Paperback by Bryce Carlson (Author) 3/28/2017

How To Play Blackjack: A Beginner to Expert Guide: to Get You From The Sidelines to Running the Blackjack Table, Reduce Your Risk, and Have Fun
Paperback by Steven Hartman (Author) 1/13/2017

Blackjack: Everything You Need To Know About Blackjack From Beginner To Expert
Paperback by Ian Dunross (Author) 9/15/2016

Blackjack: The Secrets of Blackjack Strategy to Improve Your Odds of WINNING BIG - ( Casino Blackjack Strategy )
Paperback by Duke Landrey (Author) 9/14/2016

How To Play Blackjack: The Guide to Blackjack Rules, Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting for Greater Profits
Paperback by David Sanders (Author) 8/27/2016

Cheating at Blackjack: Inside the Mindset and Methods of the Game's Most Successful Cheaters
Paperback by Dustin D. Marks (Author) 2/16/2016

Knock-Out Blackjack: The Easiest Card-Counting System Ever Devised
Paperback by Olaf Vancura (Author), Ken Fuchs (Author) 2/16/2016

Robert B. Parker's Blackjack (A Cole and Hitch Novel)
Hardcover by Robert Knott (Author) 2/02/2016

Wild Cards: A Year Counting Cards with a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30,000 Bankroll
Hardcover by Philip Reed (Author) 11/17/2015

Modern Card Counting: Blackjack
Paperback by Patrick Linsenmeyer (Author) 9/09/2015

Blackjack Strategy: Winning at Blackjack: Tips and Strategies for winning and dominating at the casino
Paperback by Larry Pace (Author) 4/04/2015

True Blackjack
Paperback by Ron Johnson (Author) 3/04/2015

Blackjack Blueprint, Revised and Expanded: How to Play Like a Pro ... Part-Time
Paperback by Rick Blaine (Author) 5/30/2014

I Am a Card Counter: Inside the World of Advantage-Play Blackjack!
Paperback by Frank Scoblete (Author) 5/01/2014

Blackjack: The Basic Strategy Book - 1001 Problems and Drills
Paperback by FastTrackBlackjack (Author) 3/02/2014

The Blackjack Life: A Journey Through the Inner World of Card Counting, the Lessons of Teamwork, and the Clandestine Pursuit of Beating the Odds
Paperback by Nathaniel Tilton (Author) 6/01/2012

Blackjack For Blood: The Card-Counters' Bible, and Complete Winning Guide
[Paperback] Bryce Carlson (Author) 5/2010

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart: 4/6/8 Decks, Dealer Hits Soft 17
[Cards] Kenneth R Smith (Author) 10/2008

Play to Win: A World Champions Guide to Winning Blackjack Tournaments
(Paperback) by Ken Einiger (Author) 8/06

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution
(Paperback) by Frank Scoblete (Author) 7/06

Blackjack: Play Like The Pros
(Paperback) by John Bukofsky (Author) 7/06

Blackjack Bluebook II - the simplest winning strategies ever published (2006 edition)
(Paperback) by Fred Renzey (Author) 5/06

Big Book of Blackjack
(Paperback) by Arnold Snyder (Author) 2/06

Blackjack Blueprint: How to Play Like a Pro... Part-Time
(Paperback) by Rick Blaine (Author) 1/06

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