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Unibet skill games covers a range of games where your skill determines the outcome. You can play classics like Backgammon or 8-Ball pool, exciting sports games like Hole In One Golf, Table Tennis or Dirt Bike. Or revisit arcade games like Zap, Eldorado or Tzar Wars. No matter which game you chose you are always playing against other real players! The single player games measure your result against that of your challenger after the game. Your opponent will have exactly the same conditions as you. In the multiplayer games (Backgammon, Couronne and 8-Ball pool) you take turns to play. Skill is played in EUR. You do not need to transfer money to Skill, the amount you have in your main Unibet account is available for you to use.

A skill-based game is a game where the skill of the player is the predominant factor over the outcome of the game. So, skill games are set up so that the element of chance is severely reduced and each participant starts the game from the same position. That way it is the skill of the individual that decides the outcome of the game.

You can play single and multiplayer games. Single player games allow you to play in your own time. Each player’s score will then be recorded and compared against other similar players’ scores and the winners will be determined accordingly. Multiplayer games (currently Backgammon, Couronne and 8-ball pool) are generally one on one play where you play against another player in real time until the game is finished and a winner is pronounced. A good example here is backgammon where 2 players need to be ready to play (head-to-head) at the same time. Unibet Skill is continually adding new games and features to enhance game play. For full details about the different games, game types, available tournaments, tournament schedules and much more, please refer to the different game pages on the Site.

Unibet invites you to the exciting world of Skill Games. Prove you're the best at your favorite games by testing your skills against other players! Arcade to sports games, jackpots to card games, we've got it all for you to try today!

Play brand new CANNONBALL where the aim is to hit the different coloured bonus balls off the stage! The targets are all worth a different amount of points where the more points you gain, the more MONEY you earn! Give it a go today!

Try the fantastic new Highland Solitaire Skill Game which is remarkably set up in the settings of the Scottish Highlands of the late 1800's! With 5 fantastic levels to the game, can you make it all the way to the top?

UK United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, France, Greece.



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