Casino Player Magazine Subscription

Casino Player Magazine Subscription
12 issues / 12 months

While not strictly a poker magazine, this magazine is invaluable for planning trips to casinos to play poker, since it has great advice on where to stay and play. There's usually a poker article or pokerroom review, as well as tournament listings.

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Targets the gaming enthusiast. Focuses on a popular segment of this growing industry. Includes features on gaming around the world, columns by professional gamblers, interviews with famous entertainers, updates on the newest gaming technology and advice that helps the average gambler play to win.

Publisher: Casino Journal Publishing Group

Casino Player is the end-all magazine for the serious gambler (and the gambler who likes weekend fun with lots of comps!). It is one of the pricier magazines, but the cost is well worth it, and it isn't over-run with advertising.

The letters to the editor touch on basic gaming, slot, and comp questions, there are useful information from the Q&A section. The magazine content covers slot machines, video poker strategy and probability, table game strategy and expected pay-offs, investing in the gaming industry's publicly-held corporations, and reviews of properties, restaurants, and shows. Read the magazine before heading to Vegas to learn what is new and happening on the Strip and in the area.

Casino Player provides balanced coverage of Vegas, Atlantic City, Indian properties, and riverboat casinos.
Casino Player is a monthly subscription magazine that tries to be all things to all casino enthusiasts, and usually succeeds. From the mathematic and probability computations for the video poker fan by guru Bob Dancer, to Jean Scott's wonderful column The Frugal Gambler, which gives first-timers and seasoned players alike excellent information on how to get comps (which are freebees---sort of---that the casinos give their customers.), this outstanding publication delivers first-rate information for travelers to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Tunica to use to make their stays more enjoyable and profitable.



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