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RummyRoyal - The Leading Rummy Games Network Online. RummyRoyal offers multiplayer rummy games in these variations: Gin Rummy and Oklahoma Gin (US Mainly) Kalooki (UK and SA) Traditional Rummy and Tile Rummy (played all over the world) Rummy is a skill game played in different forms around the globe. From Canasta in South America to Okey in Turkey to Mahjong in China. Everybody knows some form of rummy. Play with your friends for money at RummyRoyal. Pay Pal, credit cards and various e-wallets accepted. 24/7 online support available. RummyRoyal, rummy royal, online rummy, gin rummy, play gin rummy, kalooki, play kalooki, online kalooki, kalookie, kaluki, online gin rummy, oklahoma gin, play oklahoma gin, tile rummy, remmi, rommy, rommi, remi, rami, rammi, romme, rummy

UK United Kingdom, Romania, India, Canada.

Not accepting players from the United States, France, Israel and Turkey.


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